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Click on the image below for a PDF version of the worship program.
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To watch on YouTube:

To watch on YouTube:
From Pastor John

I've been asked to share the link for our YouTube channel. Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ0gk74TtMpcI5nbj5Nsx2A (might need to copy and paste link into address bar). We aren't sure it will work. If not, please click the link above to watch live.

If people will subscribe to the channel and click on the bell icon then can get announcements when something is posted and set reminders for upcoming events. When we reach a threshold of 100 subscribers, we can set our own channel name rather than the gobbledygook above.

If you want to search for the channel on YouTube, type Trade United Methodist into the search bar. Our channel name is "First United Methodist and Trade United Methodist" but there are so many Firsts on YouTube, we don't show up easily.

Not only are there Sunday worship services for two weeks. If you go to the YouTube channel all the worship services are available as well as the Wednesday Bible Study. On April 10, there will be a Good Friday service at 7:00 pm.

John (might need to copy and paste link into address bar).

The embedded streaming/saved videos are below:
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